Ideas and initiative are encouraged in our face-paced and agile marketing department. We are committed to improving the shopping experience at every touchpoint and growing our community of loyal customers.


Our buying and merchandising team are passionate, knowledgable, and dedicated to ensuring our customers have the ability to purchase high quality and unique products. Seeking new trends in our own style the team works alongside garment technology and design to ensure we stick to our signature look.


Our highly skilled design team are responsible for creating original products, paying close attention to detail and quality. All our products are developed in house. Our experienced garment technologists are responsible for meticulously measuring each and every piece on a model to deliver pieces that are tailer-made to our customers.


Dedicated to delivering an outstanding customer experience. We continuously learn, evolve, and adapt our ways of working to meet our customer's needs. We support our customers 7 days per week VIA E-Mail, Social Media & Live Chat.


Responsible for all logistics strategies and development ensuring our warehouse operation runs smoothly 365 days a year. Responsible for the receipt, storage, preparation, and distribution of all orders providing a fast and efficient service.


Responsible for making sure that all of the business' transactions are accounted for properly. We Keep a good handle on how we are trading, budgets, and process control. We provide information and data to wider the areas of the business to help them make strategic Decisions.


If you are interested in any of the above departments, please send an inquiry down below and our team will get back to you in 48 hours for further information.

If there aren't any roles for you right then we may ask for you to still send through your CV to be considered for future vacancies.